Keeping financial records is very important, especially if you’re running your own business. However, not everyone knows the steps to take to successfully keep records and maintain them to be ready at all times. This is where a company like Dely & Associates can help you. We can walk you through and assist you with the essential steps of maintaining records, such as keeping a consistent schedule to manage your books, and reconciling your bank statements to keep them up to date. This can be a substantial task to handle alone, and we are available to help if you require our services.

Preparing HST can be a difficult process. If you have a business, you will need to report total sales, GST/HST that has been collected or became collectable, and GST/HST that you paid or owe on qualifying expenses. The Canadian Revenue Agency will also ask if your income is from exempt supplies or zero-rated supplies if you file your reports electronically. Dely & Associates can help you keep track of your total sales, and assist with presenting that data to the CRA. It is a complex process, and requires several steps that you may not have time for, especially if you’re running a business. Let us do that work for you.

Financial statements are records that express a business’ activities and financial performance for a certain period. These statements are prepared with the business’ tax return. Many professionals require these statements, such as, banks, lenders, financial planners, and lawyers. If you require financial statement preparation, Dely & Associates can assist with the process it takes to file one, who to send it to, and what you need to be prepared for it.
An audit from the Canada Revenue Agency can come from a variety of sources, as there are many reasons the CRA may audit you. A personal tax audit may occur if the CRA is not satisfied with the documents provided for a single item, such as a verifying donation or medical receipt. A GST/HST audit is a way for the CRA to make sure the books are in order for income and tax credits claimed. Lastly, a payroll audit occurs if the taxpayer does not make monthly source deduction payments to the CRA. If you need advice on how to avoid these audits, or need help getting through them, contact Dely & Associates for assistance.
QuickBooks is a useful accounting software for medium to small businesses. It performs functions such as managing payroll functions, paying and managing bills and keeping accounting books. QuickBooks can be a significant asset to any company, but only if you know how to use it effectively. QuickBooks ProAdvisors are professionals trained specifically to both teach clients how to use the software, as well as the best ways to utilize it. These professionals are given resources such as training materials and software tools from Intuit (the creators of QuickBooks) to ensure the most hands-on and effective training possible. Our experts at Dely & Associates include trained QuickBooks ProAdvisors, so feel free to contact us to optimize your QuickBooks skills.

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