A NUANS report is a requirement for anyone wanting to start a business in Canada. The report is needed when registering a company to give that company a name (it is not necessary if your company is numbered). This is to prevent companies with similar names operating in the same jurisdiction. If you live in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia or PEI, you will need a NUANS report. Once the report is ordered, you have 90 days to incorporate your business. If you need any assistance filling the requirements of the report within the tight timeline, Dely & Associates are here to help you.

Incorporation is a form of business ownership that is made to create a legal entity that is separate from the owners and/or shareholders of the company. Each owner is given a share and a percentage (the share is determined by the percentage). This is done to create a legal separation from the individual and the company, which avoids any direct liability to one person with some exceptions (fraud, negligence, failure to pay taxes, etc.). Starting a corporation in Ontario requires contacting a provincial registrar. All provinces including Ontario have websites that offer this incorporation. If you need assistance forming a corporation in Ontario, don’t hesitate to contact Dely & Associates.

A Form 1 Initial Return must be filed by all Ontario businesses under the policies of the Corporation Information Act. To complete the form, any of the following corporate information changes must be reported: registered or head office address, mailing address, preferred language and director/officer information (date appointed, date that person left office, address for service, etc.). This form must be submitted within 60 days of incorporation, and any change must be reported within 15 days of the change being implemented. If you need help going through the list of tasks needed to fill out the Form 1 Initial Return, our professionals at Dely & Associates are more than capable of helping you.

A minute book is a binder that keeps important information such as articles of incorporation, stock certificates, tax filings and shareholder meeting minutes. Minute books are a prerequisite for corporations under the Canada Business Corporations Act. Along with being required by legislation, the act demands that each corporation must maintain a minute book. The reason for this policy is to keep documents of decisions and ownership percentages, give potential buyers or investors a record if the corporation sells and provide corporate records for the Canadian Revenue Agency. There are many documents that should be kept in a minute book, including corporate articles, by-laws, filled forms, meeting minutes, share certificates and debt obligations. If you are struggling to create or maintain a minute book for your corporation, contact Dely & Associates for assistance.

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